Remembering Gwyn Green with a Scholarship at Red Rocks

Thank you for your interest in supporting a scholarship program that will forever inspire students to remember Gwyn.

To help preserve our memory of Gwyn Green, her family and friends have come together to create a scholarship in her name at Red Rocks Community College. The scholarship will assist a student studying in some of the areas where Gwyn spent her career. Gwyn Green contributed to our community in so many ways:

  • Worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in a number of communities in the metro area, specializing in assisting the elderly poor and children
  • Served as a Golden City Councilor from 2001 to 2004
  • Fiercely advocated for reasonable and cost-effective transportation solutions for Golden and Jefferson County, and an indefatigable defender of her community from the risks of the proposed superhighway through Golden
  • Understood the danger to the entire Denver Metro region from ill-advised highway projects and of disturbing plutonium-laden soil in and near Rocky Flats
  • Represented Golden on the Denver Regional Council of Governments board of directors, where she successfully worked to prevent building the toll road through Golden
  • After her local government work, served as a Colorado State Representative from 2004 to 2007
  • As a state representative, initiated and passed a law to requiring Golden’s approval before any new highway could be built in or through Golden
  • Supported Save the Mesas, the successful effort to preserve North and South Table Mountains as open space
  • As an active member of the Jefferson County League of Women Voters Sustainability Committee, shared her wealth of knowledge on transportation, the climate crisis, and other issues

Gwyn lived a life of service and commitment, and we are thrilled to be able to honor her and help students who might need or deserve a helping hand learn the skills and earn the credentials they need to live healthy, productive lives.

THANK YOU to Golden Mayor Pro Tem Casey Brown, Golden City Councilor Jim Dale and Louanne Dale, Congressman Ed Perlmutter, Golden Mayor Marjorie Sloan, former Golden Mayor Jacob Smith, former Colorado School of Mines President John Trefney and Sharon Trefny, former Colorado Senator Mark Udall and everyone else who has contributed to the endowment so far!

How to Donate to the Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Write a Check:

Please make the check out to the RRCC Foundation and in the memo line write "For the Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund." The mailing address is: RRCC Foundation, 13300 West Sixth Ave, Campus Box 1, Lakewood, CO 80228-1255. You will receive both a thank you letter and receipt from the RRCC Foundation.

Stocks, Estate Gifts, Etc.:

The easiest way to do this is to visit the RRCC Foundation’s website and click on the green “Donate” button. This will take you to our GivingFirst page where you can securely make a donation to the RRCC Foundation. To make sure the gift is designated correctly, simply write Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund in the information box. You will receive an immediate receipt from GivingFirst and we will also mail you a thank you letter.

It’s been so hard living without Gwyn Green for a year now ...

... since her passing in September 2018, we have sorely missed her smile, her enthusiasm and her voice. So have the people for whom she worked and fought, those whose voices often go unheard and whose lives she actively worked to improve. We now have a wonderful way to give tribute to Gwyn the proud college graduate; Gwyn the boundlessly energetic social worker; Gwyn the devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend; and Gwyn the selfless public servant, City Councilor and State Representative.

Partnering with the 501(c)(3) Red Rocks Community College Foundation, we have set up, and aim to endow, the Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund. It will be awarded each spring to a student in financial need, regardless of their residency, studying and perhaps carrying on Gwyn’s work in the Social Sciences. May 2020 will mark our first scholarship award. Our goal is to set up an endowment that will perpetuate itself and live long past all of us, helping a Red Rocks Community College student pay for their college every year. A yearly $2,000 scholarship would pay for two classes per semester and fees. As the endowment grows with contributions and interest earnings, the scholarship amount grows.

To accomplish this, we need to raise about $50,000. Rather than an annual fund, or a recurring fundraising event, we hope to have her friends and admirers dig quite deep into their pockets to make this happen - now. We think Gwyn would be thrilled with this scholarship. We hope you are thrilled at the opportunity to join her family, friends and colleagues in preserving Gwyn’s memory and following her lead to actively participate in helping people along their way.

Background on Red Rocks Community College and the

Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund

Red Rocks Community College is a strong academic institution with far-reaching impact into our local community and the world beyond.

“Since 1969 Red Rocks Community College has assisted students in meeting ambitious career and educational goals in an exciting, collaborative environment with multiple pathways to success. We deliver career-enhancing courses, certificate programs and degrees that represent a solid investment in each student’s goals and career success. Red Rocks Community College embraces the leadership role of providing education that is firmly rooted in real-world applicability."

Red Rocks accepts all students who apply and helps 14,000 students per year work toward technical certifications and associates degrees in a wide range of fields or move on to a four-year college degree program. Red Rocks collaborates with many local colleges, including its close relationship with Golden’s own Colorado School of Mines.

Recognized nationally as the 2014 Scholarship Provider of the Year, the RRCC Foundation oversees all the scholarships awarded to students and will be the steward of funds generated and earmarked toward the Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“The College provides all of the funding for our staff and operations. Because of this support, 100% of every dollar we raise goes to directly support our students and the College.”

- Ron Slinger, Executive Director, Red Rocks Community College Foundation

The award was established by Gwyn’s family and a committee of her friends. As a supporter, you will be part of preserving Gwyn’s memory and continuing her mission in a way that we all believe she would be quite proud of. Check back in to this website to learn when we have reached our endowment goal and to “meet” the Gwyn Green Scholarship recipients.

Red Rocks Community College Foundation

The Red Rocks Community College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to supporting Red Rocks Community College in its commitment to students, learning, and excellence. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, the Foundation provides more than $1 million in support to the College each year. Since 1993, the Foundation has raised over $15 million, provided over 4,500 scholarships, and financed 25 Endowed Teaching Chairs. In addition to its flagship programs (Scholarships, Mini-grants, and the Teaching Chair awards), the Foundation responds to the needs of the institution on an ongoing basis by supporting faculty and staff in developing external resources to support their program excellence through the establishment of program designated funds.

Gwyn Green Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee: Erin Dawes, Judy Denison, Dan Green, Marjorie Sloan, and Jacob Smith

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